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Wall Plug Anchor

The Bearing Man Group stocks a wide variety of wall plug anchors, they are designed to ensure the safe anchoring or mounting of wall material no matter the material. Usually, a plastic or nylon insert that is accompanied with a matching screw and is inserted into in a hole drilled into mainly concrete walls and serves a purpose of mounting an item securely. Wall plug anchors are commonly used to mount pictures, lighting, skirting, motion senses and curtain rails to name a few. They come in various sizes ranging from an M4 to M20 and in various colors and lengths. When following the correct wall plug anchor installation process the wall plug anchor will expand within the substrate securing the bracket or mounting device to its required load according to the wall plug anchor diameter. Wall plug anchors can be found in Electrical, shopfitting and DIY Industries. An advantage of a 2-way expansion wall plug anchor is that it will expand in 2 directions, and this will allow the installer to direct the expansion forces to run parallel to the edge of the building material. Wall plug anchors will be associated with a type, length, fixing hole diameter, maximum fixing thickness, material, width, color, brand, and Series.
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